Bono East Region Establishes Milk Factory


The Bono east region is going to be the first region in Ghana to establish milk factory that will produce cheese, yogurt, butter, can milk among others.

The Bono east regional minister, hon. Kwasi Adu Gyan said this during his first encounter with the media.

He said preparation is in advanced stage to make a modern cattle ranch in Kintampo a reality to feed the milk factory with enough raw material.

Hon. Kwasi Adu Gyan said, the beef, milk and skin are going to be properly utilized to create more job opportunities.

He said the previous administration of the former president JA Kufour acquired large stretch of land at Amoma in the Kintampo south to develop a modern cattle ranch of high class caws to produce milk for the factory.

The success of the story is that, the present government of the NPP is in partnership with Canadian and Brazil who have shown interest with Ghana to ensure that modern ranch driven technology and innovation is established in the Kintampo municipality.

The regional minister, Hon. Kwasi Adu Gyan in his address said, the Bono east region is good to be a hub of most food processing centres which include tomato, mango, water melon and other fruits juices.

The minister is optimistic that the Bono east region can chalk more successes when much attention is switched to agriculture. He added he would make agriculture more attractive venture for the youth.


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