Bono East Police Ready To Face Criminals In Gun Battle


The Bono east regional police crime officer, Chief Supt Alhaji Huseini Musah has strongly warned all road armed robbers and town high jackers to change for better or face the exchange of bullets with the police.
Chief Supt Alhaji Huseini disclosed this to Nkyeremu News in an exclusive interview.

He says, they are gathering their information to soon sweep them by surprises.

The Bono east CID boss, praised the Bono east regional minister hon Kwasi Adu Gyan for his support in fighting crime in the region. However, he pleaded with the minister to aid them on time needed to make this dream a success.

Alhaji Huseini says, they have started establishing new police posts in most communities to beef up their security measures.

He says, they work extra harder to patrol most of the roads where traders are mostly robbed. He says, they have managed to reduce crimes in the Techiman township overs 80 percent when compared to the previous years.

Nkyeremu News can attest that crimes rates at the Techiman municipality had drastically reduced as compared to previous years.
In a funny angle, some people say it is covid19 that had reduced the crimes rate. No matter where the source came from give credit to the police.

The regional CID Alhaji Huseini says they have opened their patrol operations to some part of upper west and northern region.

He called for the public support to combat crimes.


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