Nana Agradaa And Akuapem Polo Form Repentance Church


Rumors in the town indicate, Nana Agradaa and Akuapem Polo are set to form a church. The name of the church will be either the Holy Church of Repentance or Born Again Christian Church.

The two social media giants who were preaching for satan repenting in the same week is a sign that, the end is near. The first shall be last and the last shall be first stated bibilically has really manifested.

Nana Agradaa for some time now has been mentioning Jesus Christ and God while chanting for Sika Gari money on Agradaa TV while the slay queen, Akuapem Polo also selling her body to make money.

How could Nana Agradaa leads the crusade as a caller of our maker. Already, our system is been chocked with faked pastors. Nana Agradaa with her daring skills teaming up with the professionally trained faked pastors in Ghana will kill the game at ones.

Woe baptism Ghanaians, open your eyes and watch out the hungry lion is now in the street.

It’s time that we start showing maturity in our various churches. Beware of faked pastors and their oil.

Any oil selling to you above 20 cedis is likely to be faked. Buying bottled water above 3 Ghana cedis in a churche is faked. Open your eyes and mindset. Let Nana Agradaa’s sharp turning point teaches you a lesson.


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