At This Level What Again?


The Chinese have cultivated every culture of Ghanaians to the highest level.

These Chinese no longer like rice and stew. They prefer Fufu with hot soup with green okras on top.

Interestingly, they prefer their prepared food while we go out with ladies to buy food from the Chinese restaurant in dollars while Maame Ama chop bar with Domo nkwan at a cheaper price is behind your area. What level of madness are we learning?

At this level that they have acquired every taste in Ghana where again should they go?

Are you people are aware that, most of them are customary married to our women with children?

Some of them are now operating restaurants and beer bars. ‘Agye nsamu’ out of control.

How many typical Akans know the way to prepare Fufu?

They came to learn, lead and stay for good.


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