I Did Not Know The Field Game In 2016- Dr. Bawumia

The vice president Dr. Bawumia has hinted that the field game is quite different from the book knowledge.

All applications couldn’t work, hence we now depend on reasonable sources of loans to fix mother Ghana with good policies.

Below are the vice president Dr. Bawumia own words in 2016.

A good government uses its resources to build the country.

More dependency on loans and foreign aids are the bad practices of governing and the typical example is the NDC government. Their leader, John Mahama is incompetent.

NPP with good leadership will depend on Ghanaian resources to reshape the face of Ghana in the first year of our administration without foreign interventions.

The NPP is coming with good policies to create more factories to produce for local consumption and export.

We will cut down on big taxes at our various ports collapsing businesses in Ghana and more others.

We are coming to create jobs for the jobless people without discrimination.

Had the computer man, Dr. Bawumia soon forgotten his sweet promises in 2016 that helped NPP to win massively?

Politicians shouldn’t forget that there are experts record keepers.

Ghanaian eligible voters have started with the classroom assessment, NPP has to take care!

Don’t also forget that, MMDCEs appointed also play a major role in elections.

Was the NDC administration, better or worse when compared to the current NPP?


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