Sefwi Helehele Farm Produce Go Waste

Residents of Sefwi Helehele a farming community in the Juaboso District of the western North region have made a passionate appeal to the road ministry to complete their bride which has now separated them from other parts of the country.

At rain seasons, all the farm produce of Helehele and its catchment areas go waste since the bridge linking Helehele has been abandoned about 6 years now. Cocoa produced in the area had to be conveyed through longer direction.

The worried people say, the project started during the former president John Dramani Mahama’s administration. Now all the three abandoned bridges overflow when it rains.

The people say armed robbers have taken advantage of the situation now causing fear and panic both day and night.

According to them, it has become unsafe for them to cross the bridges during Bonsu Nkwanta and Akatiso market days.

The Assemblyman for the Sefwi Africa electoral area, Ankamah Ali Berma in an interview pleaded with the government for immediate intervention.


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