12th June 2024

A 3 bedroom self – contained apartment has been gutted by fire at Wenchi Boadan in the Wenchi municipality of the Bono Region.

Wenchi municipal fire commander, DO III Eric Boateng disclosed that on Saturday 7th August, 2021 one Abubakari reported to the station at about 4:31 am that there was a fire outbreak around ASWAQ Islamic basic school, adjacent Britishman’s house at Boadan.

He said that they went to the scene and controlled the fire within ten minutes. The commander, Eric Boateng explained that properties worth thousands of cedis including $ 200 were destroyed by the fire.

Cause of fire is pending investigations the Wenchi municipal commander said.

Source say, if the fire fighters had arrived on time, some properties might have been preserved.

16 fire outbreaks have been recorded in the first and second quarter of 2021 the fire commander said.

Source: Nana Afreh Damanta

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