Dependency On Natural Rainfall Is Canker And Needs Modification

Farmers depending on natural rainfall has been a setback for centuries and needs irrigation systems to guarantee the farmers target of their farm produce

The Bono east regional director of Agricultural, Cecilia Keja said the 2021 failure of the farm produce was results of the farmers dependency on natural rainfall which eventually failed them.

Mrs Cecilia Keja urges the farmers to show more seriousness in farming. She says farming is a serious business and needs investment to get the best results since the government alone can not provide their needs.

She says the climate change has called for compulsory irrigation to ensure the best results of the farm produce. She added that, depending solely on natural rainfall is bad and dangerous practice and should not be encouraged.

Cecelia Keja has said, going into farming without any source of water is a dangerous venture. She urged the farmers to consult the meteorologists in their area for rainfall prediction before sowing their seed.

She says their doors are open to render their services to the farmers any time. The Bono east region has received two new cars and 14 motorbikes to pay regular visits to the farmers.

Mrs Cecilia Keja says farming is a serious business and needs much commitment to make the best results.


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