What Is Wrong With Ghanaian Presidential Jets?

Ghanaians want to know the current states of our aircraft and why they can not be used.

Does it profit the country by renting aircraft for the president trip at the cost of 14,000 dollars for an hour?

Will it not make more sense to use our last results to purchase new jet for the president’s foreign trips? What are the returns of such expensive trips?

This is the brief of our presidential aircraft from 1962. The DH125 aircraft was purchased by the first president of Ghana late, Dr Kwame Nkrumah. The second aircraft was bought by late general, IK Acheampong. In 1998, the late president JJ Rankings also bought, Gulf Stream GIII from the United States.

For no apparent reason, the former president JA Kufour failed to use it and sold it in 2006. In 2008, Agyekum Kufour ordered for Falcon 900EX and a Boeing Business Jet BBJ.

What makes it wrong for our presidents’ to use our existing aircraft?

Could the office of the president use white paper to explain why none of these jets cannot be used?

Those in support of the decision to charter flights for the president have pointed to his ultimate security and safety. What is wrong with the Falcon 900 EX-Easy aircraft?

Can’t we use the four presidential jets for others purposes locally? They can also be used for local economy class. We can also use them within Africa sub regions.

Our authorities are resting our jets to rust for no apparent reason.


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