People Of Jirapa Cry Over Abandoned Projects

The Chiefs and people of Yaga Community in the Jirapa municipality of the Upper West region are worried about Nana Addo’s administration. They have registered their displeasure for being neglected by the NPP government.

They say several projects been started by the NDC administration have been abandoned for no apparent reason.

Their statement indicates, works on the Parkhouse facility at Yagha under the Northern Rural Growth Programme which is almost complete have been halted. Completion of this project would have created more job opportunities for the people. The Chief said.

He said this during our visit to the Parkhouse project. The community people charged when they saw the sad situation of the multi-purpose factory going to waste

Naa Namare Diedong ll Chief of Yagha says, all projects in the community had been abandoned despite being leading producers in the Upper West region when it comes to fruits and vegetables and other farms produce.

He also lamented over the Abandoned loop Parkhouse where he called on the authorities to immediately come to their aid.

Assemblyman of the area Hon John Bosco Napaala says since 2017 the Parkhouse project has not seen any construction works under the NPP administration.

The assembly added that there are several projects like electrification, water, health and road, and others which are all suspended.

Hon John Bosco Napaala says their total denial is a worrying situation.


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