Seeking Information Is Mandatory To Citizens And None Citizens

All Ghanaians and none citizens of Ghana have the right to seek information. However, some classes of information are exempt from public disclosure.

The conditions are that some information demands fee payment before the information will be given out.

The right to information is our constitutional mandate which cannot be denied when requested.

There is a formal way to seek information. It should be in a form of writing with your details and signature.

When it delays over 30 days the one looking for the information can use a different approach.

Right to information commission offices will soon be established in all other regions as early as possible.

The executive secretary of the right to information commission, Yaw Sarpong Boateng at his lecture in Brokyempim of the Bono East region says, they will establish their offices in all regions to enable people to have access to information without difficulty.

Yaw Sarpong Boateng explains more about people’s right to information.

For more details, persons looking for any information can visit their district’s information officers.


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