Techiman Holy Family Hospital In Financial Crisis Due To High Traumatic Cases

The Techiman Holy Family Hospital is in a serious financial crisis due to the high rate of traumatic cases the hospital records. The medical director of the hospital, Dr. Ernest Ameyaw says the situation gets worse during festivities.

Dr. Ernest Ameyaw says the hospital spends most of their little accumulated funds on accident victims who are not NHIS active members.

Dr. Ameyaw says the Holy Family Hospital can only be saved by the establishment of a government Trauma Centre well equipped and staffed with specialized doctors to address accident cases.

Apart from their financial crisis, they have limited equipment and a limited number of medical staff to attend to all injured patients on time. Dr. Ameyaw said.

Dr Ameyaw says the location of the Techiman Holy Family Hospitals at the center of Ghana has turned the hospital into emergency hospital centre putting more pressure on the Techiman Holy Family Hospital administration and their workers.

Though there are challenges the hospital at any point in time has two awaiting ambulances for emergency cases which are highly recommended.

Another significant about the Holy Family Hospital is that every year the hospital awards all their retired employees with citation plaque, refrigerator, and flat-screen as their take-home for their services.

The Catholic Bishop of the Technician diocese, most Rev Dominican Yeboah Nyarko made the presentations.


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