Bono East Region Ready To Suppy Food In Ghana And Beyond

The Bono East region has reached the advanced stage to produce a large quantity of food to feed Ghana. The region is well located on fertile agricultural lands where about 25 percent of food and cash crops are produced in Ghana.

The Bono East regional director of agriculture, Cecelia Kaja says, the region has both the quality and quantity of foodstuff to supply. She calls on buyers to switch their attention to the region to patronize from the direct source. Cecelia Kaja said this ahead of their mini trade fair scheduled on the 9th and 10th in Atebubu and Kintampo of the Bono East region.

Cecelia Kaja speaking to the Nkyeremu News says the Bono East region has no competitor in the country when it comes to the fertility of the and its location. She was on the point that, the region produces fish, cocoa, cashew, mango, orange, and to the larger extent foodstuff including rice, maize, yams, and all vegetables. These make the region a hub of agriculture in the country.

The regional director, Cecelia Kaja is calling on all investors, aggregators, and marketers to attend their all-important two-day mini trade fair scheduled on 9th March in the Atebubu Agric office and the Kintampo agric office on the 10th. Cecelia Kaja is calling on all Ghanaians to help steer and project agriculture in the region. The time is 10 am prompt.

Cecelia Kaja explains further that, the region is already into large-scale farming to produce enough foodstuffs that are ready for export. The regional director, Cecelia Kajahas is calling on business-minded investors to make a smart move to the Bono East region where there are several options in farming activities.

She says it is no wonder, the first national farmer came from the region and has consistently produced several national award winners in different categories.

The director, Cecelia Kaja is calling all to attend the two days trade fair to learn new approaches in farming.



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