Refuse Control Is Not An Individual Responsbility-Techiman MCE

The eridication of filth is a responsibilty of every Ghanain to play his role by controlling waste. There is no one single organization anywhwere in the world to be in total cotrol of filth. Ghanaians have to stop the habit of filting aroud without considering its negative effects. The municiplal chief executive of the Techiman in the Bono East region Hon Benjamin Gyarko told Nkyeremun news.

Hon Benjamin Gyarko says, waste evacuation claims big portion of the Techiman municipal assembly’s revenue which could have been used for other social interventions. He commended the Techiman Church of Pentecost for their montly engagement with the Techiman Traditional Council in the fighting of the waste.

Hon Benjamin Gyarko was optmistic that, with time Techiman will get rid of piled up refuse dump. This exercise according to the MCE will be continued every month. He pleaded with all to join hands in the next clean up exercise.

The clean up exercise which starteed from the Techiman central Penticost Church at 7am ended at 11am. The exercise was been champoined by the Penticost Church and graced by the MCE, Benjamini Gyarko. As usual, zoomlion played their role as the centre refree in the clean up exercise.

Hon Gyarko says, rivers which serve as revenue in the developed countries are health threath in most Africa countries due to our bad practices. He says together with good intentions Ghana can get elsewhere.

The area manager of the Techiman Hansua Penticost Church, Pastor John Entsuah pleaded with Ghanaians to see the welfare of Ghana as their social responsbility. He says apart from the scriptures, the churches have more to offer their community.


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