Ghana Is Richer Than America

From all indications, Ghana is far richer than America. The living styles of our politicians indicate how far Ghana has reached when it comes to unnecessary expenses. For what reason should the president’s convey add up to 41 vehicles with 35 V8s? Don’t forget Ghana can not produce common toothpicks.

It is a fact that African countries purchase most of V8s and other expensive vehicles than well-developed countries.

How should our MPs change their V8s every four years? This is a complete waste of our limited resources. What V8s can do other vehicles with lesser fuel consumption can equally do.

In just one convey, Ghana recorded  41 vehicles with 35 V8s. How can one justify that Ghana is a developing country?

The first question is do our politicians actually think outside the box when making decisions?

It is only in Ghana here that when the government in power makes any decision the entire opposition will deny that motion. This is blandly and senseless. However, we have never heard them debating on exgratia and the V8s.

Is it not possible to use a brand new V8 for more than 4 years? It is a waste and greediness.

Exgratia is just looting money, we have to kick against this abnormality. Our system is only working for only a few to milk.

Look at the types of vehicles being used in the American states and Ghana where our leaders keep begging for survival.

Our system is not working indeed.


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