Ghana Needs Dedicated Drivers And Law-Abiding Persons To Curb Road Accidents

The MTTD regional commander of the Bono East region, Chief Supt Daniel Oppong Asirifi has called for well-dedicated, and law-abiding persons to drive long-distance vehicles to help curb road crashes. He says there is the need to understand the road signs at all costs, but the application of common sense is the key.

The MTTD commander says, without the application of common sense, license F becomes just a formality. Driver of license F is liable for similar accidents when failed to apply common sense.  The chief Supt says it is common sense that will tell a driver to reduce speed below 50kph due to heavy downpour, however, the road regulations allow 50kph when driving in town.

The chief Supt says each driver plies in his lane, but one has to consider the heavy-duty vehicles and their load to give way, to safe lives, and properties.

Chief Supt says it will be better to use common sense to save lives than to apply road regulations and get killed. He added that when crossing at the green light, don’t ever think that no other vehicle may cross you. He says green lights record most accidents.

The MTTD command is worried that motorbikes accidents keep increasing in Techiman despite the police effort being applied to curb the menace.  He says, out of 38 persons been killed through road crashes in 2021, motorbikes claimed 21 lives, which is alarming in the region.

The Bono east regional MTTD commander, chief Supt Daniel Oppong Asirifi has more to tell.



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