You Can’t Understand Blackman!

The black and white Aragvi rivers in the Georgia crash moving in one direction but never mix. This serves as one of the biggest tourist attraction centers in the world. Tourists called it a black and white river, but their sources are different and not one river. You can look for their video.

We have similar rivers here in Ghana that crash in the same manner, but our people in authority due to their greediness have helped to destroy these rivers in exchange for galamsey.

Look at the ecosystem in Georgia. The people respect their law and will never destroy their forests. In Ghana here, the land commissioner and the minister for lands and natural resources will be leading in the selling of the timber to foreigners.

The traditional leaders and the government appointees will be championing the galamsey activities.

The beauty of rivers like Tano, Densu, Pra has all lost their beauty due to mining activities.

During the dry season, some portions of river Tano river completely dry up, what happens to the fish?

It is very sad to be born an African.


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