Are The Church Members Of Agradaa Looking For Salvation?

There have been several debates about Patricia Asiedu known as Sofo Maame Agradaa’s church establishment. Nana Agradaa established Anointed Palace Church with the very men who accompanied her to rob thousands of people. Still, some victims are hunting for Nana Agrada to pay them back.

It is alleged that Nana Agradaa bought the church at Gh 9 billion. It is believed most of the congregation of the church decided to worship with evangelist Patricia Asiedu at APC.

The question that most people keep asking is whether her church members are really looking for salvation.

How should the very people who had robbed hundreds of people form a church for people to join them? When will Ghanaians stop their pettiness?

However, let us give judgment to God.




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