Gh 5,000 Ready To The Person Who Will Help To Arrest Vida Adwoa Asima- Techiman Akwamuhene

The Akwamuhene of the Techiman Traditional Area, Nana Owusu Gyare II has promised a special offer of Gh 5,000 to the person who will help to arrest Vida Adwoa Asima on her falsehood social media defamatory against him.

She is fair and most likely to be in the greater Accra region, once in a while she stays in Nkoranza of the Bono east region.

The hotel where she claimed that Akwamuhene, Nana Owusu Gyare II murdered most of his clients is still not complete to host visitors.

It is fact that Vida Adwoa Asima is a stepdaughter of Nana Akwamuhene, Nana Owusu Gyare II. Nana briefing nkyerenmu news said they were on good terms when she came to her house in Techiman. What cropped up was that Vida Adwoa Asima’s proposed man in Italy snubbed her. This drew her attention that Nana might have given falsehood information to the man since she had told Nana about it.

In short, it came to light that Nana doesn’t have contact with his man in Italy. Vida Adwoa Asima confronted some elderly people to come and plead for the move, Nana said.

Nana said there had been several ill complaints about Vida Adwo Asima known to the Techiman police.

Nana Owusu Gyare II says that defamation of character, affects him personally, his family,  and the Techiman Traditional Area. Based on that, Nana and his subjects decided to battle this case to the level it deserved.

About his wealth, Nana Owusu Gyare has been in active commercial farming for over 25 years. He has over 100 acres of mango farms and 75 acres of cashews farms. Apart from that, Nana Akwamuhene has large size of building plots which also earn him periodically.

Only this year, Nana loaded 4 articulated trucks of Mango to HWP fresh and the dry company of Nsawam. For more details on this, log in nkyeremu news, mango cultivation.

Nana concluded that he want to face Vida Adwoa Asima one on now at the law court to defend the murder cases she has leveled against him.

You can reach Nana Owusu Gyare II at 0206579629-0546710106 for the necessary action.





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