20th July 2024

Newcastle’s supporters have launched fundraising in memory of the late Ghanaian winger, Christian Atsu to complete his dream school in Ghana. The 31-year-old former winger played for Newcastle United and Chelsea. Following his horrific earthquake disaster which claimed over 2,000 lives, the two teams have started fundraising to help complete the school.

All the football clubs in the world observed a minute of silence in honor of the late Christian Atsu at last weekend.

Atsu was a representative for the nonprofit organization Arm Around the Child, with whom he was collaborating to aid in the construction of his school in Ghana to support the vulnerable ones’ education.

Christian Atsu touched the lives of many orphanage homes in Ghana and prisoners, which he supported any time he arrived in Ghana. Information gathered indicates, there are more donors coming to ensure the school of Atsu sees the best completion.



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