12th June 2024

There is a big difference between the European culture and the African tradition. The Africans cherish the dead, while the Europeans don’t value the dead. Many could still remember how the widow, Christian Twasam Claire Rupio got crazy every day to see the whereabouts of Atsu.

Many Ghanaians wish to see her mourning with the family until everything is over. They believe the widow must stop everything that she is doing to commiserate with the family in all activities. I don’t believe this will be possible. I hope Ghanaians who see the funeral celebrations as the finals of the world cup will give the widow and her children a break.

After he was pronounced dead, Claire had almost finished with the pain. It is believed she is taking care of her two children and preparing for the burial and the funeral celebration. Again, her coming to Ghana will not change anything ahead of the funeral celebration apart from her wreath and tributes.

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