20th July 2024

Protection as the saying goes is better than cure. For health-wise, no sex is better. Sex has several ill implications for those who failed to abstain from it. Millions of people die daily due to sex, an example is HIV.

Some people say sex keeps men smarter and faster. Sex is another form of exercising the body. It eases stress and brings happiness home. Without sex, there wouldn’t be any generations. How many can condemn sex, now that people are calling for same-sex?

Several people lost their lives shortly because of sex. Few are the broken hearts, those who raped and lynch to death, and many more. However, the very God-fearing catholic priests and their reverend sisters never face any of such calamities. Abstinence from sex is the best though but, due to temptation, the Bible says it will be better to get, married.


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