Why Mbappe Doesn’t Want To Sign For Man city?- Read For Details

Kylian Mbappe has dropped a huge bombshell and the player could be on the move this summer – and a report has now shared what Manchester City sources have said about the French superstar.

It was reported that the 24-year-old will not be signing an extension with Paris Saint-Germain. So at the moment, he stands to leave the club next summer. Next summer, Mbappe has an option in his contract to extend at the Parc des Princes.

Mbappe has angered PSG, who now want to sell the player this summer rather than let him walk away for free.

Sources gathered by the nkyeremu news shows, that Pep Guardiola has plans in mind to maintain the Champions League in 2024. He, therefore, needs a player like Kylian Mbappé at all costs.

Mbappe is arguably the best player in the game at the moment. Although Erling Haaland at least runs him very close. Again, he has just won the most prestigious cup and cant be underrated. When he joins Man City, can he perform better than Haaland? This is his fear to join man city.

And so, everyone has been talking about where he could end up next.

With Karim Benzema having just left Real Madrid, the obvious next destination is the Bernabeu.

Well, it seems that is not on the agenda – at least just at the moment.

The Telegraph has a line that says: “There is an anticipation that there will be interest from Premier League clubs. But sources at Manchester City, Chelsea, Newcastle United, and Liverpool have cooled talk of a move.”

The thought of him playing in this City team alongside the likes of Kevin De Bruyne and Haaland is actually almost too much.

He would take the team to the next level, which is a terrifying thought.

PSG want Bernardo Silva, who wants to leave the Etihad, so perhaps the club could offer him plus cash.

But clearly at this moment in time, there is no plan from the City to go after Mbappe. Who knows if they’ll have a change of heart.