12th June 2024

Learn how to be smart, and never allow politicians to fool you at all times when it comes to elections. It is pretty politicians come so low when they are looking for your votes. Most politicians only go to their constituents when it is close to elections.

At times, they engage in all sorts of games with the rural communities to familiarize themselves with them. It is not surprising that in 2016, the vice president, Dr Bawumia helped women in pounding fufu with his team.

Most politicians do the same just to have favour. It is time for Ghanaians to reason up. Sharing of goods, money and other items is very common on the eve of every election. They have taken Ghanaians for granted for too long a time.

In 2024, be smart, don’t look too low, accept their gifts, money and everything and vote against them. Teach them sense. However, vote for the hard-working candidates. Vote for visionary candidates who can bring change to your region, district and community.

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