There are No Trust Worthy Women On Earth!

A woman has confirmed that hardly could a man meet a God-fearing, respectful, and honest woman to marry.

She indicated that such women with the above-mentioned qualities can never be found in this modern era.

She says any man looking for such demands before getting married should forget it.

She says it is therefore not strange most firstborn children don’t belong to their real fathers.

She cautioned married couples associated with keep fit clubs, gyms, and other fan clubs to be more eye opened otherwise people will be reading their newspapers for them.

She says guys are not different but God-fearing men are emotional, stronger than women when it comes to lust.

She says women can easily fall victims to their old sex friends than men.

She indicated that the men after several years still look younger and handsome than their female counterparts.

She says the divorced women look more desperate and start looking for their old guys. However, their old guy’s sexual interest falls on young ladies.


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