12th June 2024

The DVLA Boss in the Bono East region, Victor Ekow Takyi Sagoe has strongly cautioned drivers to avoid overspending and overloading during the celebrations and after. He noted that road accidents in Ghana every year increase during the Christmas and Esther celebrations.

The DVLA Boss, Victor Ekow Takyi Sagoe has put several measures to restrict unhealthy vehicles from the roads, the measure includes wear-out tyres, and drivers noted by overspending reports.

He has ushered the passengers to report any driver who misbehaves to the nearest police station for the necessary action. According to him, the DVLA and the MTTD have used the FM stations regularly for road safety education.

He says the DVLA and the MTTD are plying the major roads 24/7 to help curb road accidents before, during, and after the celebrations.

The DVLA boss, victor Ekow Takyi Sagoe has pleaded with all road users to be law-abiding to reduce road crashes to a minimum. He strongly cautioned the drivers to drive the passengers home safely.

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