Why The GOAT Can’t Feed On The Bayern Munich Grass?

It is very sad that the grass on the Bayern Munich pitch is always sprayed with poisonous chemicals, which badly affects the GOAT when graced on. Medical examination has revealed that the lying flat goat on the pitch was suffering due to the harmful grass it grazed on.

In 2019, Lionel Messi captained the Barcelona club and lost 6 -1.  In the return match, Bayern Munich scored 3-1.  The GOAT who has won all the most important trophies in the world cannot click whenever he visits the home grounds of Bayern.

It becomes so sad that Lionel Messi has failed to win any of their 4 matches played against Bayern Munich. It is wonderful, the GOAT was featured for powerful teams like Barcelona and PSG with the best players in the world.



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