The Legend, Abedi Pele And Tony Yeboah!


In fact, the likes of Abedi Pele, Thony Yeboah and Thony Baffoe I guess can never be replaced in our time.

Their dedication to wear the national jessey was quite different from what we see today.

In those days, players wept bitterly when they lost a match. They did not share money before matches were played.

It’s therefore not strange some of us little grown ups have no interest at all in both local and our national teams.

Today, Heart of Oak and Kumasi Ashanti Kotoko are living by the past glories. Their spirit to ride over other clubs are no more.

I quite remember both Abedi Pele and Thony Yeboah had chartered aeroplane to be featured in the Black Stars qualifying series.

Their patriotism compelled soccer fans to die for them both physical and prayers.

When the Brazil world cup brouhaha surfaced, one of our Black Stars key player been interview said they play football for money. That was the very time I saw it was needless to support our national teams.

It is sad that ill luck denied them to play in the world cup but still they chalked successes in their European clubs than what we see today.


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