The youth will not understand these three letter words, I miss you.



I trust those who experienced some life in the rural communities in those good old days will today miss something greatly.

In the late 80s though electricity and water supply were only available in Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi. All the same, those regions without these social ammunities enjoyed life better.

In those days, there were no armed robbery cases, no internet scam, no heart attacks, no hiv/Aids, no Ebola, No Covid19 and hardly will one hear of lorry accidents since there were only few cars in the country.

The types of food we used to eat were very natural. Today, most of the food that we eat have negative effects on our immune system. It is therefore not strange a 5 year old boy now suffering from BP.

Have you ever eaten bankye “apesie” with kontomire, koobi and palm oil stew?

Find out from your grandma.


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