Prostitutes Hunting For Guys


The prostitutes in the greater Accra region have formed a long queue hunting for guys.

Though prostitution is not legalised hear in Ghana but it looks like a normal trend.

They are found in all cities and towns in Ghana. Their businesses however booms in the cities than the rural communities.

The ashawo business has really come to stay since we now have some university students who are doing it in a professional way. The charge the fee of 350-500 Ghana cedis for one night. The have linked up with high class hotels for this sex business. The hotels linked workers also have their percentage.

The road side ashawo ladies however charge according to the time they may spend with the guys. Here, it ranges from 10 to 50 Ghana cedis.

Those who agree without the use of condoms charges between 100 to 200.

This is just the introduction of Ghanaian prostitutes update.


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