2020 Will Record The Best Ever Elections Held In Ghana- EC


The EC has put in place the best biomedic verification devices(BVD) to help speed up all the voting processes in all the pooling stations across the country country.

The Bono East regional electoral commission, Gabriel Dai Yeaboah disclosed this to Nkyeremu news team on one on encounter.

He said, the EC would also accept the manual verification in cases the BVD fails.

Apart from the above voting equipment been put in place to speed up 2020 voting processes, the EC has reduced the number of voters to only 750 to ensure all eligible voters cast their votes before 5pm at all polling stations all things being equal.

About 90 percent of the electoral materials have arrived let with few others due to security reasons.

The regional electoral commission of the Bono East region, George Dei Yeboa also strongly cautions Ghanaians to be law abiding during, before and after elections.


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