Can Wendy Shay Match Ebony?


The two phenomenonal dancehall singers have more similarities in terms of their human nature, dressings and actions.

Again both of them were born in February with one year difference.
Both have skills in nudish approaches.
The have every bit of potentials to arrest guys.

Ebony was born in February, 8th 1997 while Wendy Shay, 24th February, 1996.

What difference can you pictue between the two supper stars?

At the age of 21 Ebiny had released 22 hot songs playing around the globe.
Her credibility in the music industry was outstanding.

Ebony came out in her own style and was able to arrest several attention to her songs.

It became not surprised to many that she was awarded the best artist of the year in 2018. She was the first ever Ghanaian female to grab the award.

Wendy Shay took the mantle after Ebony has passed away. We thank God she is also on track.

There are a lot of public debate on Ebony and Wendy Shay.

Could Wendy Shay match Ebony?


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