I Salute Ghanaian Multi Votings System


I welcome skirt and blouse system to the highest esteem. In fact and indeed, it will urge our MPs from relying solely on the national policies to make a mark.

Free SHS is a national policy Ghanaians heartedly welcomed. Don’t ever consider that the national policies alone can save your seat. Your people demand, roads, water, power, schools, health and more. Were you able to satisfy any?

What Ghanaians never like to see is last minutes sod cuttings. In most times, politicians think we don’t reason at all. This provokes most of the free voters to kick you out. This is a leaked 2024 votings secret.

The skirt and blouse votes system helped to eject most of the incumbent MPs.The people didn’t like them but they managed with all possible means to win their primaries. Were they able to buy votes from their entire constituencies?

I will be wise to consider the votes from the masses than the political executives appointment and traditional chiefs endorsements. They can only talk but they cannot vote for you.

I urged all MPs to satisfy their people by their request instead of they deciding what suit them.

If you are voted for in 2020 don’t think that 2024 is far away start working ahead of your promises made.

Skirt and Blouse has come to stay in Ghanaian politics work harder.


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