Are Slay Queens Different From Roads Side Prostitutes?


From look of things, I personally don’t see the difference between the slay queens and the roadside prostitutes. They all use their sex organs to make living hence called sex workers.

Slay queens are rather professionals in the sex business. They are pretty, catchy and admired.

They target high-class hotels, politicians, men of God, and other high personalities. They mostly charge in dollars, you dare not be a poor man.

While the ordinary prostitutes mostly locate on the roadside, beer bars and theatres to be picked by hot guys.

Their prices are mostly negotiable ranging from 20 Ghana upwards.

Slay queens are professional prostitutes, don’t tint their name by Slay Queens any longer call the prostitutes. Don’t forget the name teacher remained teacher no matter his new profession.

Someone may also ask how many Ghanaian ladies are then not prostitutes? ‘Oyiwa’

However, could they operate as slay queens without our patronage? Why do we call a hitman womanizer.

A book of taught says anyone who exchanges sex for money is a prostitute.

A womanizer pays for sex and therefore cannot be classified as a prostitute.

The latest development shows, both the slay queens and the roadside prostitutes most often clash at big-time funeral grounds.

At funeral grounds, all types of women including the married, single, prostitutes, and slay queens dominate in their numbers for a new catch.

This is where guys with similar ambition sharpen their eyes to pick their choices. Don’t be surprised at all why on grand funeral celebrations hotels are booked in advance.

Are we safe from sex clashes?



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