IGP, Drag Kennedy Agyapong To Court!


IGP, should immediately drag Kennedy Agyapong to court for his treasonable message which could mar our peaceful environment.

Ghanaians expect the IGP to work independently as the professional top police officer who should act in the interest of the public.

What happened to Kennedy Agyapong who openly threatened a sitting judge by ruined Insults at him and verbally attacked him?

Shortly Kennedy Agyapong dared Annas’ co-worker he was shot dead, Ghanaians saw nothing wrong. Ghana is cheap as he always mentioned.

I was expecting Kennedy Agyapong to say I will arrange for my family to burn John Mahama, Asiedu Nketiah, and the rest alive. He said ‘I will arrange my men to burn you alive and your houses’
Kennedy believes that money can do everything for him but it is a big no.

He once said, Ghana parliament is too cheap and had paved the way for most stupid MPs who don’t fit as parliamentarians including his own party. Who are the Idiots?

Can one recall the number of threat messages and warning he said openly?
Does Kennedy Agyapong own Ghana as his personal property?

Why can’t the law pick him and teach him sense?

What happens when any of the four persons he has mentioned is shot dead? Or his messages are not taking seriously?

It looks as if the Ghana police do not know their mandatory rights. Why should people ask the IGP to pick Kennedy Agyapong for the necessary action?

Ghana would have turned outside down if two of our MPs behave like Kennedy Agyapongy.

However, I caution the NDC to be law-abiding when hitting the streets. Send your grievances to court. Ghana is never for either NPP or the NDC.
They have to give us a break after all none of them can make Ghana a heaven place.

Both have the same dirty hands. It is time to tell them the Gospel truth.
They come to enrich themselves and nothing more.

If you are venerable, they will use it as an ordinary pipe while their children will be studying in Europe.



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