Farmers Call On Government To Fix Cashew Selling Price

The cashew farmers in the Bono east region are calling on the government to fix the selling price of cashew.

Nana Ameyaw Manu, the peasants national vice chairman of Ghana and also the vice chairman of the progressive cashew farmers association of Ghana has pleaded with the government to have a standard selling price of the cashew.

He said since 1992, the selling price of cashew has been determined by foreigners and individual buyers.

Nana Ameyaw speaking to the Nkyerenu news team said over the years no government has bothered to fix the selling price of cashew.
He said the buyers always enjoy from their hard labour.

Nana Ameyaw manu however commended the NPP government for making arrangements to fix a selling price of the cashew in Ghana at this cashew season.

Nana Ameyaw has 35 acres of cashew farm at Adesu River. Nana Ameyaw rears, cattle, different types of birds and bush animal like monkeys, antelope, crocodile and snakes among others.

Nana Ameyaw Manu who is the founder of the Techiman Wonders FC says, his aim is to make Adiesu River farms a tourism centre.


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