I Am Born Again Christian – Ken Agyapong


Hon Kennedy Agyapong has just said, I am now a born again Christian all the old things are past. I will no more bark at my own children let alone the public.

2021 is my year of salvation, I have had enough of public attacks. In deed, it’s is only a fool who cannot change of his mind set.

This saying of hon Kennedy Agyapong can be manifested from the sad development that happened at the last sitting of parliament where he was seen asleep.

He has now become the Paul of the Bible. Many Ghanaians could not understand why him Kennedy Agyapong remained so silent at the 7th parliamentary sitting.

Sadly some publications came out that Kennedy Agyapong voted against NPP. No Ghanaian will buy this faked news about Kennedy Agyapon. Don’t shame your in law if you cannot offer him anything.

Could Kennedy Agyapong really remain calm?


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