Successes Have Nothing To Do With Education


In most cases, successes of a man has nothing to do with higher education or certificate.

Hard working plays role in our successes but not the ultimate goal. There are people who who work from morning to night each day but can’t rent a single room.

There are some people with PhD but still struggling for survive.

Destiny plays more roles in our successes. Player is a solid key to successes.

However, talent matters a lot to our successes.
Never any ever false your wards to study a course of your choice because you have the money cater for.

Do you know the education standard of Lin Win and Nana Ama McBrown?

What about Menstro, Abedi Pele and Asamoa Gyan among others.

Go to Magazine and ask for more. Higher education plays little role in our financial breakthrough.

Education is for life breakthrough and not a pool of physical wealth.

(Johnson Takyi)


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