Our Next Generation Dooms


Ideally, our custom and culture completely tell the character of people living in an area. The two pictures below tell the exact people of our next generation.

Looking at the men and women growing up to take over the mantle as our next leaders manifest the very Sodom and Gomorrah we are leaving behind.

Yet, we condemn discipline of pupils in schools and their various homes.

Are we training or grooming the children of today? I wish, authorities have to revisit our traditional education culture by caning the child with properly when necessary.

Punish them, when the are indecently dressed.
Dressing code counts a lot in child up bringing.

Total freedom given them have made them like poultry birds. Without educating them on “dos and dons” I am afraid this generation coming up will mar our culture.

Sadly, this bad culture will be endorsed by the so called Human Rights and define them with modern dynamics.


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