Irrigation And Food Preservation Is A Paramount Key


The major key to run all-year-round farming being irrigation is paramount and cannot be ignored. Any country that relies mostly on nature for rainfall is likely to fail in crop production.

Nkyeremu News gathered this information in their interview with the Bono east regional director of agriculture, Mrs Cecelia Kaja.

She said, most farmers failed to pay their loans due to rainfall failure.

She added that land tannure system is also a challenge to farmers to invest huge amount of money to irritate their piece of land.

Mrs Cecelia Kaja says, their ministry is doing all that it can to construct irrigation system where necessary for farmers.

In her interrogation, she says, food preservation and storage facilities are another key areas the government has tacked.

She pleaded with farmers to invest by irrigating their farms since dry season farming meets higher demand as compared to the normal farming season.

Mrs Cecelia Kaja pleaded with Ghanaians not to undermine farming. She says farming is one of the most highly paid business ventures when apply technology.



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