It Is Easily Said! ‘Greening Ghana’ 

Greening Ghana is a nice move. The idea is superb. But as the saying goes. It is easier said than done. Greening Ghana at this time of the year is fantastic but who cares about this exercise afterward?

Far away in 2008, then hon Collins Dauda of the NDC was the minister for lands and natural resources.

There were similar tree-planting projects to green Ghana, where are the trees?
What is going to happen to the seedlings during the dry season?

How many of these trees have been provided with the fence? Knowing well that hungry animals are in towns.

It is sad Ghanaian governments take good initiative and spend a big sum of money for no profit margins.

Ghana card registration was a nice move, what has caused it to delay? We were informed found has been raised for that. About 70 percent of the Ghanaian populace have not yet received their card, making Ghana cards useless since they can’t be used for any formal transaction.

Now we are talking about the census and house counting. What is this confusion?
Some of us believe our authorities do such projects to enrich ourselves.

Could one tell why the Ghana card registration exercise had been halted?

I am afraid of the success of the tree planting because of poor management and monitoring.

Could you believe that some schools in the upper west region received mahogany seedlings? Mahogany is a forest plant and can’t grow up north.


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