12th June 2024

Lacked Technical Education has been the major challenge facing the Ghanaian economy. Our educational trend has misled many Ghanaians with degrees going astray.

Kwasibuokrom Technical Vocational School established in 2018 to date has only 37 students. However, the chalked successes of these few students are incredible.

In less than three years, the school has established a nursery school with 160 pupils and two storey masters apartments solely founded by the school.

The Rector of Kwasibuokrom Technical Vocational Institute in the Jaman South of the Bono region, Rev. Brother Karan says Ghana has failed to go into production due to an unproductive education system.

He says any country that failed to engage its children in Technical Vocational studies is likely to rely on importation for their needs.

He says tertiary institutions that cannot create jobs for their graduates have a question mark.

The Rector, Rev. Brother Karan has pleaded with the Education Ministry and GES to focus much attention on the Technical Vocational Schools.

He is calling on the authorities to give the needed support to the Kwasibuokrom Technical Vocational Institute to produce in larger quantities for both local and export.

The Jaman South chief executive, hon Alhaji Abuu has assured to give the Kwasibuokrom Technical Vocational Institute much attention to increasing their student population.


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