Ghana Cannot Fix Classrooms and Roads But Can Secure Loans For MPs!

For getting about the big salaries and well-packed incentives been earned by our MPs, why should the state rather secure loans for their V8s?

Can’t they afford their own choices of vehicles? It’s no wonder that they apply all possible means to win the parliamentary seat at all costs.

Nkyeremu news will have big-time to discuss their so-called ‘ex gratia’

Ex gratia is simply is a bad constitution that all Ghanaians have to halt. It is indeed draining the economy.

It’s simply bad and should be condemned. Again, why should the ex gratia be given to the same MP after every 4 years that he wins the seat? Is this different from loot and share among our MPs and other government appointees?

It’s no wonder our MPs and MMDCEs refuse to join their former occupation to work for a peanut salary.

Could any Ghana reporter tell when the ex gratia issue was being discussed at the parliament? This tells you it’s full of ‘chop chop’.


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