SDA Church Of Kokosuo After 41 Years Has Not Recorded Death


The Adventist Church of Kokosua Church of Salvation in the Jaman north of the Bono region over 41 years with over 300 congregations have not recorded a single death of its membership.

This information has been confirmed by the Faith Salvation Church members that, none of their members have died over 41 years due to the spiritual protection of their leader, Papa Paul Yeboah.

The founder of the Kokosua SDA Faith Salvation Church, Papa Paul Yeboah speaking to our news team says, abiding by the rules in the Bible, enforcing it and aggressive prayer have been their protection.

He says the church has prayed to save several patients who were being declared to death by some medical doctors.

He added that several men of God have lost their anointed powers due to the money they demand from the vulnerable people who visit their churches. He says men of God charging consultation fees are all fake and should be condemned.

Papa Paul Yeboah says people who bleach their skin, plait their hair with long artificial hairs, wear nails and finish with makeup had already booked for the everlasting hell.

The founder of the church, Papa Paul Yeboah says, no man of God can make his record.


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