More Africa Countries Likely To Face Military Action

What is happening in Guinea is a sign of coming events. The total corruption among Africa leaders is a clear manifestation of what is happening in Guinea.

The Africa democracy only favour the politicians and the few government appointees. Their big salaries and others fridge benefits calls for overthrow of sitting government.

The rampant corruption, mismanagement of state fund and total hardship of the citizenry while only few keep milking the state resources mostly call for the military action.

Is it not a hell for government of Ghana to increase the salaries of our politicians and some state men salaries by 70% while the meager salary earn workers slapped with 4%. Is this not madness?

Could you imagine that the entire people of Guinea took to the streets jubilating over the military takeover?

Typical good example is the fix the country movement in Ghana. This is just the hits of the coming events.

Look at the politicians V8s and 4 years ex gratia amounting 600,00 Ghana cedis which can provide 20 borehole to some rural communities. Yet, no government in Ghana intends to address this canker but rather cushions it the more.

Any government who fails to listen to the outcry of the people is most likely to face military batons.

The overthrow of the Guninea President, Alpha Conde by col. Mamady is in right direction.
Don’t forget that what is happening in Guinea can easily happen in any African countries.


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