Poor Network Affects Healthcare Delivery In Tain New District Hospital

The internet is a global system through which a huge and broad range of resources and information can be approached.

Emphasis on the necessity for training in the use of information technology is important to the nurses continues professional development.

Study showed a strong evidence of the increased access to the internet by nurses to retrieve information related to clinical practice which in turns enhance the quality of care and communication among nurses.

Meanwhile, the management and staff at the Tain new District Hospital have no access to internet to enhance quality of care and communication among themselves.

The Medical Superintendent of the facility, Dr Adinkra Kyereme disclosed that the entire staff have started working normal as expected.

He appealed to the network providers to come to their aid to help improve the network around the facility.

Dr Adinkra Ameyaw said, road network and transport are some of the major challenges which need immediate redress.


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