Guinea, More Ministers Likely To Face Legal Battle

The military rule has arrested most of their MPs and other state ministers for bribery and corruption.

They have shortly revealed that, several projects on paper had been completed and handed over for use but in reality no project had been constructed.

Their reports indicate, bribery and corruption in Guinea cannot be compared to any African state.

This is a wake up call to the neighboring Africa countries politicians and directors who are looting and sharing of state funds.

It shouldn’t surprise many of you to see that, more African countries will be overthrow by the military due to the high degree of corruption.

Is it not madness for the Cote d’ Ivoire president, Alassane Quattara to amend their constitution to third terms. Is he not calling for a coup plot? Yet, the ECOWAS chairman, Nana Akufo Addo commended him for his victory.

Since our leaders don’t show up their mandate as democratically elected leaders, military will definitely eject them with applause.


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