Brothers Of CMSF Support Technical Education in Ghana

The congregation of the Missionary Brothers of St Francis of ASSISI has immensely helped to project Technical education in some parts of Ghana. The Bono and the Bono East region have so far benefited.

The Kwasibukrom Vocational Technical school which was being closed down for many years has resurrected with about 50 students.

The school has started mass production of tables, chairs, and all other furniture creating income for the school.

The CMSF Rev Brothers believed in Vocational-Technical Education as it creates job opportunities for the students while in school. They become a hot cake after their graduation.

Currently, the CMSF have their campuses at Kwasibuokrom, Sunyani Yawhima in the Bono region. In the Bono East region, the CMSF has undertaken a new educational project at Kenten Aworano starting from nursery to tertiary education. All paper documentation is done to start with the structural works CMSF.

The Bishop, Dominic Yeboah Nyarko of the Techiman dioceses, and Bishop, Matthew Gyamfi of the Sunyani diocese made this dream a success. The two Bishops intermittently visited the authorities of India CMSF for their support.

At Techiman Aworano, the construction of the school has started by the two hard-working brothers, Verghese Mathew and Mandapahil Saji Francis. According to them all is set to start building the school.

Bishop Dominic Yeboah Nyarko spoke off-camera commended the CMSF for their support.

The CMSF Rev Superior General Brother Joseph Karimalayil and Regional Councilor Rev. Brother Robert Michael together with Rev. Brother Boniface and others travelled from India to inspect their ongoing projects in Ghana.


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