Bono East Police Intensifies Snap Points To Reduce Crimes

The Bono east police have intensified the various snap points to clamp down the high road robberies. The regional command, Moses Atibilla speaking to the Nkyeremu news says they have increased the incident-prone areas from two to ten.

He added that the number of their security has also been increased to ensure they have absolute control over road robbery.

The police commander says the intensity of their patrolling both day and night has given a strong signal that anyone who dares making a mistake will face the full action of the police.

Atibilla says, there are several policies that the police have deployed to handle the criminals who have tagged the Bono East region as their harvesting field.

He indicated that Kintampo and Bope stretch road is another hotspot that has drawn the attention of the police. Hs says the police have managed to arrest many of the armed robbers and arranged them before the law courts.

The hard-working regional commander, DCOP Moses Atibilla says they have put several things in place to handle harden criminals causing fear and panic in towns.

He says the police administration involved collective responsibilities to control crimes.
Moses Atibilla has pleaded with the good people of Ghana to provide them with information to deal with the criminal.


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