Chieftaincy Is Not A Juicy Institution

The Adontenhene of the Techiman Traditional Council, Nana Baffour Asare Twi Brempong says chieftaincy is a total devotional institution that is mandated to serve the people. Nana said this when he was addressing the new enstooled queen mother of Techiman Bamire, Nana Adubea Afosaa II of the Bamire Kokroko royal family.

Nana Baffour Asare Twi Brempong urged the queen mother to play her role as a married woman in a home. He charged her to give the needed respect to all manner of persons to command more respect.

Nana noted that the enstoolment of Nana Adubea Afosaa II was a majority decision by the Kokako royal queen makers. She succeeded the late queen mother of Bamire, Nana Yaa Agyapomaa.

Nana says all the needed customary rites had been performed to make Nana Afosaa II a dignified queen mother in the Techiman traditional council of the Bono East region.

The 48-year-old queen mother is a trader in general goods. Nana Afosaaa II in her brief address calls for total unity among the people of Bamire. She pleaded with the youth to take their education seriously and cautioned them on internet scams.

The chief of Bamire, Nana Asare Baffour was optimistic that, with their new queen mother, developments will speed up in Bamire. Nana commended the queen mothers for their peaceful enstoolment.

The queen mother, Nana Adubea Afosaa II was carried through the principal streets of Bamire.


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